7 Short Anime – A Review

A Reflection of One’s Mind

This is a story in which most people can relate to from their childhood – an argument between friends and the effect that it has on both parties. The drawing was a little bit too rough for my taste but despite this, I was still quite invested in the story and the soundtrack worked well.









This took me completely by surprise. I really enjoyed its stylistic quality and the hand-drawn aesthetics of this anime. In a way, the simple nature of the drawings made the action more jarring. I like that it is not rigid in its meaning and can be viewed in many ways. For me, it said a lot about our relationship with the world and the innate human desire for destruction of oneself or others – we cause a lot of damage to the worlds inhabitants, even though it is alike to us in many ways.
I recommend watching this and I would be interested to know what other people have taken from it.









I liked the playful quality of this film. It is essentially about children playing make believe and their imagined worlds coming alive. It shows how quickly relationships can be formed and how easily it can be shattered. A really nice watch and one of the more detailed ones I’ve seen in this blog.




38.7°C – Mitsuru Sasaki

This wasn’t a bad watch but it wasn’t anything breath-taking either. It attempts to create a girls fever dreams and evoke the feelings of being in that state, however I don’t think it did the best job in regards to this.







Akka 羽虫の病

I found the editing of 羽虫の病 very interesting but it did make the story quite hard to follow and understand. I got a sense of the weight of the story on my fist time of watching but it took a few watches, and some reading of the comments, to gain more understanding of the exact content of the story.






There wasn’t enough detail in this piece and the style of the drawing wasn’t to my taste either. I understand the intentions of this piece and its meaning, but the execution could have been better.




I feel similar to ‘Koi-Zora’ in terms of the stylistic execution. This has more of a story though and follows what I believe to be a guardian angel watching over a boy from when he was a baby. She watches over him as he grows up and then saves him from drowning. It’s okay but, again, nothing incredibly special.






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