4 Short Anime – A Review

Before I went to sleep last night, I jumped down the rabbit hole that is YouTube and found some short anime to watch. Some I liked more than others but I thought I would share my experiences with you all – which one was your favourite? 

Paulette’s Chair (Poulette no Isu)

A very sweet little animation which made me smile. If you’re having a down day or you need a little pick me up, watch this short film. It serves as a reminder that there’s always someone – or something – looking out for you.


Fumiko’s Confession (Fumiko no Kokuhaku)

The dramaticism made me laugh so much. The sudden switch from a naturalistic conversation to a farfetched response is so extreme that it makes a really entertaining watch.



I like the concept of this short anime. A woman sits down to dinner by herself and we see inside her mind as she imagines what could happen in the restaurant if everyone’s phones ran out of battery and they all started talking. It’s a nice film with a good message but it’s nothing special.



The first time I watched, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I felt that the relationship between the two characters wasn’t explained well enough, so I was left confused in certain parts. In a nutshell, I didn’t really like it.
However, I gave it another chance and watched again and I’m glad that I did. This time I appreciated the story, graphics and sound. I still think the soundtrack is not fully suited but it does somewhat reflect the overall mood of this piece. This is best viewed with headphones due to the use of panning from left/right stereo which I enjoyed. It’s well drawn and it has a good story – a lot happens but it doesn’t feel rushed. There is no speech, so it does well to tell such a detailed story and convey the character’s emotions purely through movement.
With a little help from myanimelist.net, I found out that one of the characters is actually a tree goddess and now the film makes a lot more sense. With that in mind, the film has quite a bit to say in terms of the overall message. However, it would have been better if her character was more obvious just by watching, rather than researching.


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